Monday, November 22, 2010


How hungry they must be to die


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Imagine how hungry someone must be to die. Really think about it. Imagine a picture of it . Imagine the suffering they had to go through to die of starvation. Hungry, hurting... And you say you're broke while they are staving with no house, and you are trying to lose weight. You have a house. You have clothes. You are rich enough to decorate your house. You might say some of them have a house, but I say most of them don't, and, the ones that do have one the size of your smallest bathroom made out of mud, and, poop that's right poop. The ones that do have a horrid house are the lucky ones. If they had a horrid house, and, 1 parent they would be super lucky. You can help with World Vision. You can help them with $16 for 3 ducks and many more.

It is nice to know that we can always pray for Africa. Today 15 dollars may not seem like much.
But with World vision you can buy 3 ducks for about 15 dollars. The ducks multiply fast. They give eggs, meat, and money. Ducks, duck eggs,and duck meat can be sold! That means money and money means a lot of stuff. Like food,animals,cloths,shoes,duck feed, an education and many more. If you have ever had a garden then you know how it is to have to much stuff and are forced to give it away. That is what will happen to these ducks. That means that more people get more ducks. It saves lives. You are not giving 3 ducks. You are giving a uncountable amount of ducks that multiply. If you can not do that then pray.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Easy way to help Africa

Get an old oat container . You know when you buy oats it comes in that container or you could use a jar. Take off the wrapping. Make a hole in the lid big enough for a coin to go in . Wrap a piece of paper around it that says help Africa on it . Take it to a store you go to often . When you want to get the money take off the lid and send it to World vision .

You can always help Africa . You can give them ducks, seeds,Bibles,and, stuff like that from World Vision. You can always pray .


Look at this poor little child.  He will probably die if he does not get some help.World Vision would be a good place for him to get help.  He is struggling to stay alive. You can see his ribs .  He is hurting and hungry.  He is probably sick .  Look at him crying .  He is thirsty.  Have you ever been really thirsty after eating  an OREO ,and, went to go get some milk ?  They have never heard of an OREO .  They do not have any milk.  If you do help he will be a lucky boy .  If you want to help go to could sponsor him and give him food ,water ,cloths etc.  You can do this  for 35$ a month .  just go to World .